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Hotel Market Place
These products have worked for other hotels well. Try them.
Truly Eliminate the Odor
more chemicals to your room does not eliminate odors; 
most chemicals only cover up the odor forcing you to add more chemicals. 
Ozone machine creates O3 that naturally oxidizes the odor-causing molecules 
and breaks them apart. Read the manual well and be sure to clean the "plates
as instructed.
Clean hard-to-reach areas easily:
A/C grills, refrigerator magnets and other hard to reach areas of the rooms is a challenging task for your HK department. This simple and inexpensive tool will help you much.

Save Money and Offer Cleaner Room
The microfiber rags are your best tool in cleaning rooms if you know how to use them? 
1- They are not cotton; they are plastic, wash them with dishwashing liquid separately. 
2- Do not add chemicals; they are best to remove the dust and micro stains. Use a slightly damp 
microfiber to clean and a dry one to dry the surface up. Chemicals are not needed. 
3- Use distinctive colors for the different sections of the room. Yellow for bathrooms, green for dust 
and blue for glass surfaces. 
Correct usage of this product will save you money, and you will have much cleaner rooms.

Greener & Healthier Soda is Here
healthier soda options in your restaurant. SodaStream offers more than 50 soda mix flavors in regular, diet, caffeine free, sparkling, and seltzers. In comparison to other brands, the regular flavors have less calories, sugar, carbs and sodium. The regular flavor sweeteners are a mix of sugar and sucralose without high-fructose corn syrup. The diet flavor sweeteners use Splenda, sparkling naturals use cane sugar, and essence flavors are unsweetened
Mesmerize your guests with 60" TV in your lobby. Prices are falling!
Your bathroom floors in minutes for only few dollars! (white)      
This easy to use product will refresh your bathroom floor as new. It combines grout and coating for better results. Be sure to read the instructions. Each bottle can refresh 2-4 bathrooms. 
Pay far less, be cleaner and nearly eliminate cross contamination.
Why do you pay $1 a piece for brand-name when you can buy them for only $0.07 each?   They last just half of the brand-name product; that makes them still greatly cheaper than brand name and reduces the cross contamination. This is a far better choice. 
 It is time to start using inspection gloves. 
Inspection gloves are safer, reduces the possibility of contact with unwanted items and at the same time helps with dusting. 
Public Bath Tissues by Georgia Pacific
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